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ST Integrator Company

About Us

About company

ST Integrator Company is your reliable full cycle integrator.

In 2002, ST Integrator Company started its activity with the integration of computer systems, telephony complexes, as well as the design and installation of SCS. Based on the requests of our customers, we have developed 6 leading IT directions for complex problem solving and building modern information systems.

For 21 years we have successfully implemented more than 1200 projects, gathered a staff of 30 technical specialists, most of whom have been working since the first days of the company. We pay special attention to the professional development of our employees and certification from our manufacturing partners.

Our constant approach to work is to provide the highest level of services to our clients. Professional specialists will work on your task, taking into account all the specifics of your business, observing all quality standards, legal requirements, and applying best practice.

Solutions & Services

Solutions and Services

ST Integrator Company offers customers a wide range of IT solutions and services:

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Our partners

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Our projects

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